View Full Version : It is still possible to communicate to posters of deleted mails!

Steven Tribe
11-Apr-2015, 03:31
I brought this problem up last year!

When a concealed/explicit for sale listing is deleted, the subject matter and the poster's identity remains.

This means that to-day I could send a PM or email link to a gent who obviously has an early Heliar for sale (lens and lens ...). This means the deletion has no real meaning as long as the OP gets the relevant information in the title.

There must be a more complete deletion system?

Ralph Barker
11-Apr-2015, 05:05
True. We can delete threads entirely, but we often like to keep threads available to moderators for administrative reasons, or to reflect the reason for the deletion.

In some cases, I'll edit the thread title to obfuscate the original subject.

15-Apr-2015, 14:31
Like Ralph, I usually edit out the title; that was something we decided to do starting about a year ago in response to this issue. But if there's something older than that, or if we missed it, and it's causing a problem, send a PM to the mods.

Rick "on request" Denney