View Full Version : Thinktank releases 4X5 holder cases

10-Apr-2015, 16:21
Just saw this:

Looks like they are calling this a limited production, i think this is great and all should team up to keep them making this kit bag for a while longer.

Disclaimer - i have no affiliation with thinktank or this product.

10-Apr-2015, 17:17
These must be the one's david burnett was trying to get made a few years ago.

10-Apr-2015, 17:32
wow that was almost 5 years ago! But, perhaps this means something about the market of LF products in the world..., which is a good thing.

Paul Cunningham
10-Apr-2015, 21:34
I like it.

11-Apr-2015, 08:34
Not impressed. I got similar cases for 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 holders off eBay for half that price and with quality the equal of the major brands. Wouldn't be surprised if this bag was made in the same factory.

The best value in "4x5 holder cases" are small foam lined nylon lunch bags. <$10.

11-Apr-2015, 14:05
When considering Think Tank's Modular line of pouches and holders, which now includes this new 4x5in film holder case, it is important to consider advantages of their use in conjunction with Think Tank's camera belts. These pouches and cases have a very sturdy velcro fastening system on the back, which includes a rugged plastic tab that can be either fitted behind the camera belt (if one wants the pouch to be able to rotate somewhat or move/slide along the belt), or into one of the many slots in the outside webbing of the belt (if one wants the pouch to be locked into position on the belt). So when paired with one of Think Tank's camera belts, the design and overall quality of this new film holder will improve functionality and comfort of this holder when in the field.