View Full Version : A rock printed on Kodak Ektalure surface X

7-Apr-2015, 07:04
I have posted this image before,but have recently reprinted it on Kodak Ektalure surface X. a off white or ivory paper base..11X14 The expired date on the box is Dec.1972.I really like the canvas type texture of this stuff which is easy to see in the middle greys and blacks.im using the paper for images with a lot of texture and contrast.This box is from a pile of boxes that the local university gave me and it has been well kept in a freezer for many years..
thanks for looking S

7-Apr-2015, 10:08
Very cool image, and awesome historic paper. I bet the print looks really interesting in person with the canvas texture. I noticed the image last night on your Instagram account, glad to see it a little larger on the computer than on my phone!

7-Apr-2015, 11:29
Thanks, Yes, this digital copy doesn't do it justice. its much better in person,but the texture is still noticeable here.BTW ,(i forgot to state)that its shot on 4X5 Delta and dev. in Dektol. Thanks for looking and finding me on Instagram.

7-Apr-2015, 18:00
wo .. its actually such a long time since i've missed Ektalure, nevermind even seen the image of some

it was expensive when you could actually easily get it , too .. worth every penny when a good neg is up tho

Jim Fitzgerald
7-Apr-2015, 20:07
I've used this paper for a carbon print or two. Very different look that is for sure.