View Full Version : Bernie's Photo Center, Pittsburgh

Rick A
6-Apr-2015, 17:43
I made a trip to Pittsburgh, Pa. over the holiday weekend, Karen and I spent several hours(yes, hours) perusing the shop (542 e. Ohio St)and getting a guided tour of the "Photo Antiquities" museum next door(531 e. Ohio St.). It's best to call ahead to schedule a tour (412-231-7881). Frank(the owner) is well versed(read totally immersed) in 19th century processes and gear. The shop itself, is fairly well stocked with the necessities of our craft, both new and used gear available. I saw some pretty obscure items still new (though rather dated)in boxes, making the store seem a bit of a museum as well. The smell of photo equipment and consumables made the trip wholly worth while. Oh, I spent a chunk of change in there, I found one film holder for my Century 11x14, he sold it to me from the museum stock. He has a few plate holders but had only one film holder, now it's mine! I foresee many return trips.
One more thing, if anyone is looking for a Durst 8x10 enlarger, he has one for sale(among other things waaayyyy out of my price range.