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Drew Bedo
29-Mar-2015, 14:31
Hope its OK to post this here . . .

Last fall I was contacted by a novelist who wanted to license one of my images for the cover of her new book, Outing the Mermaid: A Novel of Love, Fear & Misogyny . We struck a deal and now the book is out on Amazon Outing the Mermaid: A Novel of Love, Fear & Misogyny Note that today only, the Kindel e-book edition is a free download as a promotion.

Please checkit out!

29-Mar-2015, 14:51
Congrats... and beautiful photo!!

Drew Bedo
31-Mar-2015, 08:46
Thanks. I posted a question about licensing an image for this project last year.

Thanks to everyone for your input.

David Lobato
31-Mar-2015, 10:00
Drew, congratulations.

Ken Lee
31-Mar-2015, 10:24
That's a very handsome book cover.

See http://www.bloomingtwig.com/book/outing-the-mermaid/

31-Mar-2015, 12:14
Very nice. Congratulations.

Alan Gales
4-Apr-2015, 18:20
Well, I can see why the Author wanted your photograph for her book cover. It's just perfect!

Congratulations, Drew.

2-May-2015, 13:37
This picture perfectly suits the book. It's enchanting.

Kirk Gittings
2-May-2015, 13:44
Nice cover. So how did the licensing play out?

Thom Bennett
2-May-2015, 14:05

Without sharing exact $'s can you tell us a bit about how the negotiating process went?

Drew Bedo
5-May-2015, 05:43
Licensing? Sure.

First off I checked out the author online to lower the risk of this being some kind of scam. Satisfied that this was unlikely I proceeded.

I clicked around and found several examples of licensing agreements for different forms of intellectual property on line. I read the ones that seemed most appropriate for my needs, chose one and adapted the language specifically for licensing an image for the book cover.

In parallel with this research, the author and I exchanged e-mails. Two years ago someone contacted me about an sd campegine for a small business and I quoted a price of several thousand dollars . . .which was declined.

this time I went much lower and we came to a three figure number we could both live with.

The terms are pretty much like this: For a one-time flat-fee the author may use the image to brand the book, using it for cover art and any advertising. The image will always be credited to me.

We e-mailed the contract back and forth and each of us has a signed copy . If I were more in demand and coulc get a better price, I am sure that a more formal exchange via FAX or registered letter would take place.. This worked out well for a first time and both parties are happy.

"Outing The Mermaid" by Anne Medlock is now available as an e-book and in paperback on Amazon.

Kirk Gittings
5-May-2015, 08:53
Well done.