View Full Version : Which B&W filter was used?

28-Mar-2015, 12:02
This is actually 3 questions rolled up into one.

How do you determine which color filter to use for a scene?
How can you tell which color filter was used in someone else's shot?
Can you determine if no color filter was used in someone else's shot?

I was looking at one of Lois Conner's shots and was trying to determine which color filter she'd used in the making of it. It was one of lilypads. The lily pads and water were almost black, the water droplets on the pads were glowing white. I suspected it was a red filter, but maybe it was orange instead. It got me curious as to how you'd determine after-the-fact what the photographer had done.

http://loisconner.net/home/?page_id=67#24 is the image.

28-Mar-2015, 12:13
As for question #1, look at a color wheel. A colored filter will "lighten" objects of the same color, or color family. It will darken colors opposite it on a color wheel. As for #2 and #3 I'm not sure you can tell without actually seeing the original scene being photographed.

28-Mar-2015, 12:16
You might contact the photographer directly.

Lois Conner has a "Contact" link.

Try it! You might have your answer before post #4.