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27-Mar-2015, 09:11

I am a proud user of the Precision II for a few years.

I was scanning my films yesterday and when I finished a batch in the morning, I switched the P2 and PC off for a lunch. And when I came back to turn them back on...... there comes the problem....

at first, the PC recognized the P2 but unable to startup windows(stuck in the Windows logo...keep Loading)...switch off P2...reboot... windows loaded normally.....

So I thought its my Adaptec 2930CU card problem, so I took it off and clean the pins...problem remains.....

I unplugged the SCSI cable......clean the pins.... problem gets worst...... after PC's BIOS loading screen there is a Adaptec SCSI device loading screen which it should recognized P2(switch on), but this time its a 'Loading Time out' (some problem with connection...)

So I unplugged for a while (and dream it will magically healed), then plugged in the cable again, its finally comes to wont recognize anything at all! As nothing has plugged into the card!

I started to realize theres something wrong the scanner. When I turn it on before, its takes sometime to adjust to load to make some noise.... however, now, swtich on, all light comes on, then green light flashing... no noise or anything....

Never have any problem like this. Maybe it use to have some problem with software(XP-Vista-7), but its still software. Now it looks like a hardware problem... it worries me.... a lot.....

I hope its something wrong with the SCSI cable... otherwise... problematic.

Also please advise if I am looking for a repair, where should I ask in London?

Many thanks

4-Apr-2015, 14:35
Bit of a long shot ,but the repair man for imacon when they were distributed by studio workshops was a chap called dave(as most repair men are ) he was recently employed at john Kents repair shop ,Lumimary lighting ( 02074019896 ) if you give him john a ring you might well get his number. Hassleblad are now the owners of imacon and this is another option ,but I would not your breath on getting speedy Service from them.

5-Apr-2015, 06:41
Hasselblad USA no longer officially service the PII, that said, they might still be able to help.
Before you send it in though, there are a few more things to check, and in any case i would suggest asking this on the imaconusers yahoo group where there is a really massive knowledge base. Much more so then here.
You should unplug the scanner for at least a full minute ten try to restart it.
The procedure should be:
1. Start cmputer
2. Start Flexcolor
3. Turn on scanner

The scanner loads the firmware everytime it starts and connect to FC, when it is just started on its own it only preforms motor tests (the sounds you described), but it should do that regardless.

Let us know what you find.