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25-Mar-2015, 13:14
"Photographer and filmmaker Matt Gunther‘s longterm project, “Probable Cause,” a visual story of the Newark police and the people they protect ... Gunther chose to shoot the series on film using a large-format camera. “The old city deserved the depth, and study of what a large format camera brings,” Gunther says."


In case you're curious he used a "4x5 Linhof" according to the NYT article.

PDN Interview and Slideshow: http://potd.pdnonline.com/2015/03/31052
Website with more images: http://www.mattgunther.com/#/work/stories/cops%20and%20perps
NYT Interview: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/photographing-newark

26-Mar-2015, 04:30
From this project it appears that crime is something that happens only to black people almost exclusively. Is this project critical or ambivalent to that is hard to say due to the amount of glorified cop portraits.

As for the photography? Why bother with LF when you have to strain to edit it like this.