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Alin Dragulin
22-Mar-2015, 14:28
Hi So I have this old Imacon flextight scanner with a SCSI cable that I connect to an old Apple G4. Scanning works great but I want to get rid of the old G4 and screen. I know a while ago SCSI to Firewire adapters were for sale but now the cheapest ones I can find are $150. There has to be a cheaper way to connect SCSI to Firewire or to USB?!?

22-Mar-2015, 14:46
nope, not that I know of.

22-Mar-2015, 14:46
You need an FR1SX, and last i checked they were selling upwards of 300$ on the auction site. If you can find one for 150$ thats a steal and you should buy it ASAP.
SCSI to USB adapters will not work mostly because you will never find the correct drivers to run the device, but even if by some miracle you do get it loaded, the scanner will not work, because these never supported the type of connection FC requires for the scanner driver/firmware.

Why do you need to get rid of the G4? In a nut shell, that would be the easiest way to keep the scanner running, aside from getting a PC running XP/Win7 for the sole purpose of scanning.

If you scan 3F you can scan on the old machine and do all your processing on a newer/faster machine, as do many users who still use PII's. In short - keeping the old computer is the cheapest option.

Alin Dragulin
22-Mar-2015, 20:09
Thanks for the info. Your right. If aint broke don't fix it.

Alin Dragulin
22-Mar-2015, 22:13
so I'm using CS6 and Camera Raw 7.1 which doesn't support .fff raw files. What now?

23-Mar-2015, 05:50
so I'm using CS6 and Camera Raw 7.1 which doesn't support .fff raw files. What now?

I am not sure what the problem here is.
On your new machine, install FC 4.8.4, process your 3f for export as tiffs.
Opening 3f on PS is more trouble then its worth.

24-Mar-2015, 06:10
Alin--maybe you didn't realize that flexcolor is a free download from hasselblad?