View Full Version : Drum Scanner equipment in the EU... WHERE?

15-Mar-2015, 02:46
at the moment I'm looking for a mounting station for my Scanview Scanmate4000 and a dutch friend of mine is on the lookout for a desktop drum scanner. Ebay, as you will probably agree with me, is not really a nice place to shop 20 year old equipment. So, where do you people search and find your scanners, chemicals and spare parts?

Personally I know of these:
Brakensiek: http://www.brakensiek.com/
Karl Hudson: http://www.hudsongrafik.com/drum-scanner/
and Kami for chemicals: http://www.kami-produkte.de/de/

... please add and share your resources, thank you!

16-Mar-2015, 10:50
If you don't mind looking in the U.S., you might try http://www.genesis-equipment.com/

16-Mar-2015, 12:12
Thanks, filshbulb - a very good selection of equipment!
... however, shipping and customs could very well kill the deal completely.