View Full Version : Hello. I'm new here...

14-Mar-2015, 00:35
Hi everyone. Late night L.A. poster here.

Decided to join the forum after a lot of browsing and bookmarking of solid information, great resources and interesting discussions. So thank you all for that.

I'm still fairly new to the world of large format photography (about 6-8 months in shooting 4x5) but certainly no stranger to film or photography itself.

I love discussing film and lighting so I look forward to engaging in many of those conversations as well as sharing some of my own work.


Tim Meisburger
14-Mar-2015, 01:25
Great! Welcome to the forum! When you post late at night you will reach the Austral-Asian crowd.

Alan Gales
14-Mar-2015, 10:04
Welcome to the forum, Brandon!

I'm a half Brandon. Brandon was my mom's maiden name. :)


14-Mar-2015, 12:51
good morning