View Full Version : Sam Haskins nailed it(for me):

Daniel Stone
9-Mar-2015, 10:49
Was watching a video of one of my favorite fashion photographers, Sam Haskins, this morning:


At 4:25-5:05 or so, what he said resounded with me in a BIG, BIG way... I work as a photo assistant currently, so it's digital-only pretty much. I can see what he's talking about firsthand, where things that are too pre-planned DO become "static". Planning is essential to a successful shoot, IMO, but micro-planning every little detail, IMO, can really kill the mood, especially when photographs NEED a "feeling" in them.

Just a thought on the matter.
I love digital and what it allows me to do that film cannot, but for most occasions, and as I move towards purusing a shooting role this year vs assisting, I want to find clients who don't mind film, even in this day and age of digital-everything.