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7-Mar-2015, 00:53
Film photographers of Wellington, it is time to gather for the first Silver Foundry meeting!

Uhhh? What is Silver Foundry? Though it does not exist yet and its name is still open to change, it is an attempt to gather the film photographers of the Wellington region in a monthly group focused on our beloved passion.

What it will be:

• A place to meet other film photographers.
• A place to present your work and/or to discuss your next photographic project in a friendly environment.
• A place to learn new techniques or to improve your skills through workshops (darkroom, alternative processes, hybrid workflow, framing…. Etc.)
• An opportunity to discover new formats (large format, medium format, 35mm)
• A place to discover work of famous photographers (we will try to invite well-known Kiwi film photographers and other significant figures in the world of film photography.) We will also organize skype sessions with photographers overseas.
• An opportunity to present your work to the public through a yearly Wellington Silver Foundry exhibition.
• A place to welcome and meet film photographers traveling through the country.
• A place to learn news about exhibitions and photographic events.
• A meeting with a focus on the essence of photography with an efficient and nimble governance system

We will have limited focus on:

• Digital photography…
• Photographic competition

We are starting from scratch so it will need a bit of effort from all of us to get the right momentum.
Interested? Well join us at the first meeting on Saturday morning the 28rst of March. We will gather in a coffee shop. Feel free to bring something to show!

The meeting place will depend on the number of people who will be attending the meeting, so please drop me an email as soon as possible to confirm if you’re planning on coming. My email is: dominique.filippi(at)gmail.com. I will add your email to our mailing list so you will be informed about the place where it will happen and the next meetings.

Please note this event is intended for people already shooting film. Once our group settled, we will welcome photographers new to the art.

Update about this event will be noticed by email, here in this thread and on APUG (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum135/138982-wellington-silver-foundry-1rst-meeting.html).

Spread the word!


Gary Tarbert
8-Mar-2015, 06:28
Hi Dominique , Like your idea , It's a bit like a camera club for film users , Good luck , Don't like the name much sounds like somewhere you would go to do manual labour . Cheers gary

12-Mar-2015, 15:08
Thank you Gary!
The members might come with a better name.

Cheers, Dominique

12-Mar-2015, 18:02
Im not in NZ but all the best with it. I like the name, very close to the Australian Silver Mine group based in Melbourne. http://silvermine.org.au/

12-Mar-2015, 23:12
Indeed, a Silver mine here, a foundry over there... it makes sense we should be in cahoots if practicable/useful!!

Feel free to write to me: president @ silvermine.org.au if you would like - we've been running since 2007 and have around 100 members now!!


Gary Tarbert
13-Mar-2015, 06:56
Hi , i may stand corrected , You see i worked in the mining industry for 10 years from the age of 20 , so any memory of that may be what i am resisting . Cheers and good luck with your new venture.

18-Mar-2015, 01:39
100 members! Wow, very inspiring indeed!
Once the Silver Foundry properly settled, we should organise a Trans-Tasman prints exchange!
I'm certain you will receive a mail from me one day.

Cheers, Dom

18-Mar-2015, 01:46
As a few of you are not in Wellington during the weekend, the date of the first meeting has been advanced to the Thursday 26th evening

18-Mar-2015, 02:16
When I was living in Wellington about 4 years ago, I swore I was the only large format photographer there. Next time I'm back in NZ, I'll give you a shout! (I'll be there for Beervana later this year!)

19-Mar-2015, 22:16
Hi welly
I'm quite sure I met you at one of the first Wellington photography meetup 5 years ago.
Surprisingly there are least 10 LF photographers in the Wellington region which is a lot considering the size of the city.
Hope to see you during the Beervana.

20-Mar-2015, 13:42
I will be in Wellington queens birthday weekend through the following weekend and would be interested around then, depending on my schedule.

22-Mar-2015, 23:08
Hi David

Could you please send me a PM with your email address. I will add it to the Silver Foundry event mailing list

Cheers, Dominique

22-Mar-2015, 23:09
Venue & time:

The Southern Cross
39 Abel Smith Street,
Te Aro,

Time: Thursday 26/03 8pm-10pm

12-Apr-2015, 20:43
Venue to be confirmed

If you are interested, please send me a PM.


27-Apr-2015, 20:31
2nd Wellington Silver Foundry Meeting - Thursday 30th April 19h30
Meeting point: 19H20 11 Cable St, Level 1, Wellington, New Zealand

If you are interested, please send me a PM.