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John Kasaian
6-Mar-2015, 15:09
I know this has been discussed before, but I don't know is there was a link to these:

6-Mar-2015, 16:49
Thanks for that, John.

I believe that with the progress of affordable forensic-like apps, there will arise a similar disgust for much contemporary photography. I believe there will be sites that scour the web to disclose abominations of all kinds. (!! A retirement project for me!)

John Kasaian
6-Mar-2015, 19:08
It's not so much the decedents, but the wrenching sorrow on the faces of the survivors that speak to me.

6-Mar-2015, 19:14
John K, you are probably familiar with Wisconsin Death Trip (http://www.wisconsindeathtrip.com/).
I mention it for the rest.

6-Mar-2015, 19:31
If you ever wished subjects would hold still....

Steven Tribe
7-Mar-2015, 03:31
By a strange co-incidence, the Danish Press Photograph of the Year was selected yesterday.

It was a modern (colour/digital) photo of deceased 6 year girl, surrounded with toys/flowers and, I suppose, her friends from the Kindergarden.
Published in my (reader, not owner!) National newspaper (Politiken) to-day!

Robert Oliver
8-Mar-2015, 09:49
They had (maybe still up) an amazing collection of Post Mortem photos, including some modernish ones, at the UCR Photography Museum in Riverside, Ca.

Fascinating viewing...

Richard Wasserman
8-Mar-2015, 10:34
There is the Thanatos collection online— http://thanatos.net/preview/

And Chicago has the Mourning Museum open by appointment for a fee— http://mourningphoto.com/