View Full Version : mounting, display and presentation area?

Jan Becket
2-Mar-2015, 14:56
Not specifically large format but it would still be helpful to have an area for issues related to putting up images on a wall: mounting, display and presentation. Just a thought.

Ralph Barker
3-Mar-2015, 06:39
Those discussions would go under "Darkroom: film, processing and printing".

John Layton
15-Apr-2015, 11:34
I also agree that there should be a "mounting, display, and presentation" area. Might not receive as much attention as some other areas...but this topic comes up enough to warrant its presence, and might generate further interest. Other thoughts: that the "Darkroom, film, processing, and printing" area is self explanatory, and does not mention or imply anything other than what is stated. Also, we need to do what we can to counter the current tendency towards dependence on computer imagery as a means to access (and assess) what would otherwise be effective works of art - and further access to shared ideas and information regarding the effective, real-world presentation of our fine photographs would surely help!