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28-Feb-2015, 09:55
I'm curious if there are any current rental houses still renting LF gear, and of those that do, who ships? I've done a little research already and found that most of the rental houses that used to rent LF gear are either out of business or liquidated most of their equipment and are purely digital now.

It looks like Light Tec still rents LF, but I'm not sure if they ship. I sent an e-mail to that degree but have not received a response yet. Samys appears to be another option, though lacking the field camera dept.

Do any of you rent out LF gear? What equipment do you ship? Do you rent equipment for yourself?

I'm thinking of renting some 8x10 equipment before taking the plunge.

Any thoughts are helpful.


28-Feb-2015, 11:46
B&H Photo does rentals but not sure about shipping. It might be cheaper to just but a CHEAP 8x10 on eBay for a few hundred $ and if you get into it then upgrade.

28-Feb-2015, 12:15

As StoneNYC mentioned, try a bargain/patched/glued auction 8x10, holder, lens and then decide.

Mike's Camera? http://mikescamera.com/camera-video-rental.html

Call Focal Point (John Van Stelten) in Superior, CO for local suggestions.

Call around for 8/10 on consignment and offer to rent from camera owner or store. It's out there with your name on it.

Randy Moe
28-Feb-2015, 12:34
Try an ad in local Craigslist.

You might find somebody who cannot sell his gear.

mike rosenlof
2-Mar-2015, 08:18
There has been an 8x10 on the Boulder craigslist for a month or so. I don't know who the seller is. Orbit monorail camera, a decent lens if I recall correctly.