View Full Version : Got e-mail notification of PM, but no PM in inbox

24-Feb-2015, 17:44
As the title says… I got an e-mail that looks just like every other e-mail from LFPF telling me I have a private message from spamy06. Hovering over the link to the forum in the e-mail seems to show the normal URL for the inbox. No, I didn't click on it - I rarely click links in e-mails. Once I came here, I checked my inbox and there's nothing.
Was this a spammer who was deleted in the time between him sending the e-mail and me coming to the forum? Or is there a larger glitch in the PMs?


24-Feb-2015, 17:53
Sounds like what you said.

24-Feb-2015, 19:06
If you weren't expecting a PM and don't know the person who sent it, best it wasn't in your inbox when you checked.

Eric Biggerstaff
24-Feb-2015, 19:46
I had the same thing the other day, notice to me that a PM was waiting but when I checked, and double checked, there was no message.

25-Feb-2015, 05:50
Might have been this:


Ralph Barker
25-Feb-2015, 07:11
As noted in the other thread, we have someone hacking old, inactive accounts that have poor passwords to send spam via the PM system. When someone reports the PM via the report-it icon (triangle at the bottom of the message), we delete all of the PMs sent and deactivate the account. We have also started moving accounts that have been inactive for a long time to a special group that has very limited permissions.

Everyone is encouraged to change their passwords to something that is more difficult to hack, such as a combination of letters and numbers and mixed case.

Bruce Barlow
25-Feb-2015, 09:49
I got spammed in a PM the other day. Probably the same one, but I got to it before it was purged.

25-Feb-2015, 10:04
Thanks! And an extra thanks to the mods for cleaning out the bad ones!