View Full Version : Where to find scanning fluid locally?

23-Feb-2015, 06:27
I am trying to find scanning fluid in Atlanta. I know I can order it on line but most of the place have a $50 minimum and shipping on top of that. I sure that a business besides photographers that scan negative would use this fluid...printers?, graphics companies???
I wanted to look up other companies that would use scanning fluid and try to buy it locally.

Doug Fisher
23-Feb-2015, 08:48
Printing supply houses often used to carry it. Sometimes graphics supply was a more successful search term. The last time I looked for it locally, there was a place up in Marietta/Kennesaw that carried it but they have gone out of business. Considering the time and mileage, I found it made more sense to order from California company noted on my cheap fluid mounting supplies page:



31-Mar-2015, 09:25
Are you required to have the "official" scanning fluid?

If not you can make it yourself. Forum search will help you go down that road if you choose so.

Peter De Smidt
31-Mar-2015, 09:30
Kami and Lumina are the commercial ones that are still around. Both are good. Lumina is supposed to be safer and less toxic, but that's according to the manufacturer. You might see who the distributors are for these and inquire if they are available locally.

Drew Wiley
31-Mar-2015, 09:49
Just hit the search engine. There are all kinds of places online, the same ones which, incidentally, sell antinewton sprays. But these are graphics supplies, not
typically listed under photography distribution. Whether it is worth driving somewhere to pick something up versus just forking out the minimum purchase is your
call. What is your time worth? Maybe some local print shop will sell you some.

31-Mar-2015, 18:36
I just wish B&H or Freestyle sold it... (Preferably B&H)

2-Apr-2015, 08:43
I agree with Stone! It is easy to find on line...I wanted to find someone in Atlanta. I have done the google thing as my first step.