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17-Feb-2015, 21:12
I need to scan some B&M 4x5 negatives and have an Epson 2450 scanner. I read that some etched glass can serve as anti-newton glass -- is that true (and how is the quality?). About technique: is the negative usually placed between 2 pieces of AN glass or is there a holder and 1 piece of AN glass. Other than betterscan is there another source?

If you have added AN glass carrier or homebrewed one please let me know how and share your discoveries.

Wishing you great light!

18-Feb-2015, 00:16
Reply sent to your PM about anti-glare glass (not anti-reflection) from the hardware store or framing shop.

One piece is all you need, not two. An 8x10 piece is convenient if you're just scanning 4x5 film. If dry mounting, the film is taped directly onto the etched side. Then flip the glass over, so the film faces down toward the platen, and test for the best height. You can get creative about what to set the glass on top of, such as four post-it note stacks. Call it a K.I.S.S. method!

My homemade station works great on my 4990, I've never seen a newton ring.

Good luck!

18-Feb-2015, 19:52
Heroique, Thanks for great information and personal response in the PM. Happy scanning! -Paul