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12-Feb-2015, 16:30
I have been shooting LF since 1972. I still shoot lots of 4x5 but my clients no longer ask for 8x10. I will stick with the 4x5 but will be selling a complete 8x10 plus tripod soon. Nothing better than a beautiful silver print.

12-Feb-2015, 17:28
Welcome, I live in the high country....

12-Feb-2015, 19:22
Welcome, I'd love to see some of your work.

15-Feb-2015, 05:45
Welcome to the forum. I have fond memories of growing up in the high country. No lack of subject matter.

15-Feb-2015, 10:35
Hi Kenny. I live south of Parker.


Andrew O'Neill
15-Feb-2015, 11:43
Welcome, Kenny. Why don't you shoot 8x10 for yourself? Hard to beat a contact print!

Eric Biggerstaff
15-Feb-2015, 12:56
Welcome Kenny,

There is a pretty large number of LF Forum members from Colorado, I am in Parker along with a few others. Hope you contribute often and share your experiences.

16-Feb-2015, 12:46
I just realized something.....you might want to change the title to something a little less edgy, like Colorado LF user....

Yo' Vinny
16-Feb-2015, 20:22
Wow...so many in the Parker area. We should do a meet-up.

- Vince