View Full Version : Making icc profile for velvia 50

12-Feb-2015, 01:59
Hello Folks,

I am currently trying to make an icc profile for velvia 50 using a procedure described in this blog:


I have an Epson V700, Wolf Faust Velvia50 target, a professional version of Vuescan, the latest download of Rough profiler to make the icc profile and photoshop to examine the outcome (as described in the blog article). I find no matter how I change the RGB exposure I can not seem to influence the RGB values for the white target in the target from being totally clipped, i.e always 255,255,255.

I wonder if anyone has some suggestions? Is there an alternative to "Rough Profiler" that people can suggest?

Anyone care to share how they made a profile that works for them?

Anyone care to share a Velvia 50 on Epson V700 profile along with the Vuescan settings that are appropriate for that profile?

Any help really appreciated.



19-Feb-2015, 05:50
I'm interested in this as well. I went through the steps with the faust targets and the rough profiler, and I have to say for the first time I'm in over my head.