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Carl Hall
11-Feb-2015, 02:34
Hi everyone :)

I知 Carl and I知 from Somerset in the South West of England. As I知 only in my mid twenties I've grown up almost entirely in the digital era and used digital SLRs from 2007 when I got into photography till last year when I became interested in film. I picked up a Mamiya C220 at the beginning of last year, and towards the end of the year an RB67. I instantly fell in love with medium format and since then I致e pretty much left my DSLR in the cupboard and have shot entirely on film.

I don稚 currently own (nor have I ever used) any large format gear, but I知 hoping that will change in the next month or so. I知 scouting around all the online stores in the UK and also ebay etc, looking for a cheap beginner 5x4 field camera. As soon as I get my mitts on one then I値l be sure to get shooting and post some photos :)



11-Feb-2015, 02:43
G'day Carl and welcome to the throng.

It's very addicting is large format photography. Unless you're particularly self disciplined, you'll be shooting ultra-large format before you know it. Have you any particular camera in mind?

You've definitely come to the right place, anyway. Some *very* knowledgable and talented photographers here.



Carl Hall
11-Feb-2015, 02:59
Thanks Welly :)

I have absolutely no self discipline whatsoever... When I got into MF I told myself that I would carry on shooting digital and only use MF for the "special shots", and now that's pretty much all I use. I've tried to convince myself that things will be different with LF, and it won't become my regular camera, but I think I might be lying to myself haha.

I haven't got a particular camera in mind no. To be honest it just needs to be something cheap to get me going as I don't really have a big budget. I've seen some Speed Graphics and similar go for <」300 though so that's an option. I might also be looking at a Rittreck 5x7 (comes with a 5x4 back) next weekend, but I'm not sure what the chap wants for it yet. I've decided a field camera is best for me, but I'm open to monorails too if one comes up at a good price. I see this camera as a "first step" sort of thing, and in a years time when I've learned a bit more I might move onto a better camera.

11-Feb-2015, 03:08
You'll probably find a good monorail will be cheaper than a good field camera. I started off with a Sinar F2 camera, which was and still is brilliant but a bit bulky for the kind of photography I'm interested in doing. But no regrets in starting with something like that. I'm shooting with a Toyo field camera, which is perfect for my needs.

Peter Lewin
11-Feb-2015, 09:49
Oh darn, I was hoping for Somerset, New Jersey! But having lived in London for 6 years as an American expat, I can make the adjustment... Welcome, and wishes for much success in your search for a view camera. Speaking as one of the old codgers around here, it is great to see some of you "kids" get involved with LF. (Of course the danger is that if I reply to any questions you may post, I'm in danger of beginning my response with "When I was your age...")

Steven Tribe
11-Feb-2015, 16:28
My way back into film photography was through Mamiya TLRs too.

Some people find 5x4 with modern lenses and traditional landscapes / portraits enough for a lifetime.

Other move onto larger or much larger formats with possibilities for Big contact prints. This includes often the more impressionistic approach to imaging with use of imperfect and historical lenses.

There are Lots of other specialities which fascinate many including alternative emulsions and reproductions from negatives - some even without health risks.