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Greg Davis
10-Feb-2015, 09:29
Anybody know how many books were in the Kodak Workshop series? I am trying to collect each one and have quite a few, but I don't have a catalogue or anything to tell me if any are missing. Some of the title I have are:

Conservation of Photographs
Automatic Cameras
35mm Lenses
Using Filters
Darkroom Design
Art of Seeing
Black and White Films
Basic B&W Printing
Advanced Printing
Printing in Color
Preservation of Photographs
Enlarging on Kodak Papers
Photo lab Design for Professionals
Large Format Cameras

I have the full set of yellow books they made, and I am starting a set of the "Here's How" books, but I want to finish the Workshop Series, too.

Mark Sampson
10-Feb-2015, 20:01
Greg, there were very many, and they were updated from time to time. I worked for Kodak for almost 20 years and never saw a comprehensive list, although i had many of them on my desk and referred to them regularly. I still have them, in a box stored 400 miles from where I live now. One you're missing is 'Kodak Films and Plates for Scientific Photography', another would be 'Photographic Illustration Techniques'.

Greg Davis
10-Feb-2015, 20:39
I have the Illustration book on the way, actually. Somewhere I saw one about displaying photos. I am not trying to get every version, but a reasonable example of each book. I have seen some that are made for a multi ring binder, but I am interested in the 8 1/2 x 11 versions.

10-Feb-2015, 21:39
You may be in for a long haul. In the back of one of the books I have it says "Eastman Kodak Company supplies over 400 publications that provide authoritative, up-to-date technical information. . . . . listed in the Index to Kodak Technical Information, Kodak Publication No. L-5."

It sounds like you need to get yourself an "L-5" and get spending!

Greg Davis
11-Feb-2015, 15:39
A lot of those were probably the technical documents, of which I have several hundred as pdf's., but I will look for a copy of L-5.

Nathan Potter
11-Feb-2015, 19:50
I recently tossed dozens in an effort to downsize my library. I see I have kept at least three which I found most useful for macro and micro work:

Techniques of Micro Photography, P-52, $1.00
Close-up Photography and Photomacrography, N-12, $8.00
Photography Through the Microscope, P-2, $3.25

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Greg Davis
12-Feb-2015, 07:59
Are these the 8 1/2 x 11 inch books?

I found a guy selling three different versions of the L-5 book. Anyone know the most recent publication date? I think his most recent is mid-80's.

Nathan Potter
12-Feb-2015, 11:47
Yes, except Techniques of Micro Photography, P-52 which is 5.75 X 8 inches. For some reason there was a mix of sizes and I have a hunch that the smaller size was used for guides to industrial processes and info.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.