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7-Feb-2015, 23:50
It's been a long time since I've posted on this site but I'm starting to make in roads back into LF photography and need some advice.

I'm planning to submit a printed folio here: Ballarat Photo Bienale (http://ballaratfoto.org/2015-portfolio-reviews/) this year .
I don't have any details yet so am just toying with designs. They will all be inkjet printed at home so I'm toying with anotation beyond the image area.
I'd like to include the Print title, location and my name at the bottom of the print but it looks hokey and contrived when I do:
Poles and Goals (http://postimg.org/image/bwyed8x5l/)
When Inhuman Voices Wake Us (http://postimg.org/image/blgy0hgpl/)
Night's Door Left Ajar (http://postimg.org/image/xlxah3zdl/)

Any advice, criticisms (be polite), or examples would be greatly appreciated


Jim Jones
8-Feb-2015, 06:47
Sometimes a title and other information is necessary for most viewers to appreciate a photograph. In these examples the title reveals the photographer's thoughts more than provide significant information about the subject. Where a photograph will be evaluated by photographic experts, words may not be necessary. The sponsors of the portfolio review might advise you better in regard to this particular event.

8-Feb-2015, 11:25
Where a photograph will be evaluated by photographic experts, words may not be necessary.

I agree with this. In my opinion, you want the reviewer to respond to the photograph without unnecessarily tainting their observations.

I do suggest that you include your name, the copyright year, and a numeric "image number" for the reviewer's convenience.

As Jim said, the sponsors may have suggestions, and they may also have specific criteria.


8-Feb-2015, 14:22
If there are no titles with the photographs, then consider numbering each, and a separate page of titles.

I agree with Jim Jones on how a title can give insight upon the photographer's thoughts.

I like your work very much.
Best of Luck!

8-Feb-2015, 16:21
If this were a non-specific question, rather than event focused, I'd say this: I find the type style, boldness, color, and the long rule across the middle all cheapen the effect, making the photos look like they belong in a calendar rather than a frame. And I don't think it adds any class to print your name, especially in a faux handwriting typeface. The whole thing just isn't very discrete.

That said, I like the general idea and think it would work better if the type were less of an element in itself by choosing a more neutral typeface, perhaps even printed in a less-distracting grey color. And I think your name should be printed with the title in the same typeface, or in your own hand if on the other side. In my opinion....

8-Feb-2015, 17:06
Put the title and basic info printed on the back. Then sign and date. That is what I do.

I like photo names and not numbers. But I send out lots of images and try to avoid confusion. A bonus to naming images is they show up on a Google search if you become well known.

Mark Sawyer
8-Feb-2015, 17:06
I'd write the titles on $50 bills, and slip them to the reviewers under the table...

Or, more seriously, prepare two (at most three) styles you're most comfortable with, and ask the reviewers which they prefer. That's what you're going there for.

8-Feb-2015, 23:52
Thanks for all advice.
I'll obviously wait for the announcement but I'm leaning towards removing all text and having a separate information sheet and just keep a simple white border. Maybe signed...