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3-Feb-2015, 22:02
Hello everyone, Tom here, I joined the forum a while back and have been lurking about learning as much as I can from everyone's posts. So far it is working. I switched to film last year mostly to slow myself down and concentrate on the composition and the exposure. I have dabbled in large format before but never enough to really learn about what I was doing. So I dove right in with a Grover 5x7 and a calumet 4x5. I really enjoyed the bigger negatives so into the deep end I went and built an 8x10 to use with x-ray film. I will post my 8x10 project in DIY soon as well as some images.
I am looking forward to participating in this forum mostly to learn but to contribute as well.


John Kasaian
3-Feb-2015, 22:18
Welcome aboard, Tom

Sirius Glass
5-Feb-2015, 17:51
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum.

Pali K
5-Feb-2015, 18:12
Welcome Tom.

Dave Wooten
5-Feb-2015, 18:27
Hey from Vegas:)

Jim Galli
6-Feb-2015, 09:05
Hey from Vegas:)

And another hello from the bowels of Nevada. You have some fine opportunities where you live.