View Full Version : LF Gathering: Joshua Tree National Park, CA March 27-29

3-Feb-2015, 16:11
WHO: Large format photographers

WHAT: Photography gathering: making pictures, telling lies, drinking wine, beer, and/or other fine elixirs.

WHERE: Joshua Tree National Park, CA

WHEN: March 27-29, 2015

OTHER: Bring your own cameras, film, tripods, etc. Make your own food, travel, and sleeping arrangements.

We'll be tent camping in the Jumbo Rocks Campground.

3-Feb-2015, 16:53
No plans in the books, so pencil me in home slice.

Robert Oliver
3-Feb-2015, 18:48
I might be able to do that...

karl french
3-Feb-2015, 18:51

18-Feb-2015, 09:32
I'm in

matthew blais
18-Feb-2015, 10:36
Can I bring nude models? (no, not you Randy)

18-Feb-2015, 13:18
Can I bring nude models? (no, not you Randy)

Yup. You can't afford me. :p

karl french
18-Feb-2015, 14:57
I like shooting nudes, though I not done much with large format. The rocks around Jumbo Rocks would make for nice backdrops for posing. Really, it would depend on the model.

Robert Oliver
18-Feb-2015, 16:44
Of course... I haven't had a paid photo gig in a LONG time, and of course just picked one up for that Sunday. I will probably cruise out Friday after work and head out Saturday afternoon.

A little LF fellowship is better than none!!!!

Jim Fitzgerald
18-Feb-2015, 17:27
I'll check and see if J&J can make it! :-)

25-Mar-2015, 18:27
Guys, I will be at JT on Friday morning. I plan to secure my spot, then I'll update this thread with the space that I've reserved, and any info about additional availability that might be of help for those coming later.

Here's the weather forecast for the weekend: http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-116.06006&lat=33.91230#.VRNf6Fx8P6s

Hope to see you guys there.


25-Mar-2015, 20:38
Excellent timing, I was planning on heading out there this weekend anyway.

Hugo Zhang
25-Mar-2015, 20:40
I will be arriving Friday afternoon. Can't wait to see everybody.

karl french
25-Mar-2015, 20:50
Hoping to make it late Friday afternoon as well, but may have to be here in SF to sign some paperwork, which would make my arrival on Saturday.

27-Mar-2015, 08:32
Guys, it's 8:30 AM, I have reserved one site for myself and Hugo. We will be at site #17 in the Jumbo Rocks Campground. As of this post there are several sites available nearby. Max # of tents per site is 3, Max cars per site is 2. So we have some flexibility if needed. See you guys there.


1-Apr-2015, 19:11

The Joshua Tree Gathering was a blast! In total there were four of us that made it out there; Craig Dinsdale, Hugo Zhang, Karl French, and myself. We shot a couple sessions near Arch Rock, as a group. We also made a trip out to a spot that I like near Hidden Valley. Hats off to Karl French for driving down from the Bay Area to hang with us. We also had the opportunity to see his rare 10x12 Deardorff in action. Hugo brought his 5x7 Home Portrait Graflex, and a couple of his Chamonix cameras; including his 11x14 and 5x8 examples.

Check out the pictures here: https://carousel.dropbox.com/photos/cc/LkgVJqj5iIqoRP0

Next time I plan to set this trip up for January of 2016, and I'll reserve a group site to make it much more convenient for everyone.

Keep an eye out in Groups & Meetings for our next gathering to be held in San Luis Obispo... Information to follow soon in a new thread!


1-Apr-2015, 19:41
Ooooo SLO is easier for me!

karl french
1-Apr-2015, 19:42
Yeah, it was a great trip. Thanks for organizing it Daniel.

1-Apr-2015, 20:28
Hugo's Graflex SLR 5x7 is great.
It made me sick if I brought it with its Mag Bag out.

Hugo Zhang
1-Apr-2015, 20:44
I had a great time shooting and drinking with Dan, Craig and Karl. Thank you for putting this up, Dan!

Randy Moe
1-Apr-2015, 23:05
Very interesting. I haven't been there since 1977. I like the monopod usage, perfect for RB.

2-Apr-2015, 20:59
Sorry I missed you guys. I was there but never ended up running into any of you.