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Bokey Shutter
3-Feb-2015, 09:14
Good Evening
I just signed up to the forum. I am French and I practice photography and in 1965 (yes, I'm not young =) first with 135 camera then one day I bought an old Zeiss Ikon 120 format and I board was conquered by the average format. Then I wanted to enlarge my scope and I went to the large format view camera with Plaubel then a Crown Graphic Graflex. But I admit that the greater part of the time I'm traveling with a Rolleiflex!
I speak very little English and I use Google translator to write in your language.:(

Mark Sawyer
3-Feb-2015, 11:15
Welcome! And congratulations on your move up from average format! Don't worry about using Google translator. It will make mistakes from time to time, but we enjoy them. :)

3-Feb-2015, 13:35
Welcome! A LF photo is worth a thousand of ENGLISH words.

Peter Lewin
3-Feb-2015, 13:40
Si vous voulez, nous faites un attempt d'écrire en Français, mais avec trop d'erreurs :). That will give you a chance to laugh at our French. So many posters apologize for their English, while our attempts at their native language will be, in general, a lot worse. Bienvenue!