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2-Feb-2015, 06:09
Hi there, I’ve been reading around for a while and I thought it was time to jump in and try and make use of the fantastic amount of collective knowledge you have here.

I’ve just bought a screen cezanne elite scanner with colourgenius v2.1.1. The chap I bought it off also chucked in a power mac G4, So first things first, I need to get the mac up and running correctly. I will add at this point that I’m a total beginner to macs so you might have to bear with me.

The first question is what OS version should I be running?

The mac specs are;

800MHz processor
256 mb ram
40 gb hard drive

Does anyone out there have a pdf of the manuals for the cezanne elite and the colourgenius software? I've been looking about and cnt seem to find them.

Thanks in advance.

2-Feb-2015, 12:48
Looking a bit further into it, it would appear that the maximum OS I can run on this system would be OS X v10.4 Tiger, v10.5 requires a bigger processor

I'm sure I read on here that you can run V2 of the colorgenius software on OS X? In my case it would be 10.4

Looking on the screen download section it appears that the latest version of colorgenius is v2.14, but that requires OS X 10.6.

Therefore I'm thinking I can update as far as v2.13

There are also a number of other drivers on there which I'm not sure which ones I will need. I assume that I will need FT-S5500 Driver V2.14 For CGEX V2.13

Any tips are welcome.

15-Feb-2015, 13:53
With a G4 I would go with OS 10.3.9

Peter De Smidt
15-Feb-2015, 14:34
Go to the screen download page. Read the "Readme" files for each of the updates. You have to go in a certain order, and that includes scanner firmware. I have on old G4. Originally, it was in OS9, but I updated it. The big change is that with OS10 I could add a USB2 board. I scan and then transfer files to an external hard drive to move them to my main system. Make sure to max out the ram on the G4. It makes a big difference in scan speed.

17-Feb-2015, 14:13
Cheers guys, the computer I got for nothing had a dead hard drive, so considering I needed a new drive and an OS I opted for a working computer with OS X Tiger and a SCSI card already installed for 40 quid on the flea bay, much less hassle.