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29-Jan-2015, 06:35
It's been a fair few months of waiting, but finally, the results of the image whispering chain (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?117398-Let-s-make-an-image-whispering-chain) are in.

We started back in early november. Everybody had one week to think of a wait to respond to the previous image, shoot it and get it ready for display on the forum, whether a scan of a print or of a negative. There were no rules about what you had to respond to in the image.

The period of one week was a bit of a gamble on my part and I was a little worried not everyone would find the time to create an image in that period. But, although most people had to finish their image very late in the week, everything went very smooth and there were no problems at all in keeping the chain going.

Thanks to all who participated. I had a great time talking to you all and getting to know a little bit about how you work.

All rights to the images are with their respective creators.
I asked everyone to supply a short explanation with their image.

Without further ado, here are is whole chain. I had to cut it in 3 separate parts, because we are not allowed to post more than 4 images per posting.



Image 0 (the starting point) - by JeRuFo


Technical details: Chamonix 045N-2, 150mm Fujinon-W @f32, fomapan 100

I wanted to create a first image with strong geometric shapes in it that was quite abstract so it would give little direction to where a story should go, but strong compositional clues. My first idea was to head into town to find some interesting architectural details. But then I saw this rock formation in the forest the week before the chain was due to start and knew that I could make my image in this place. Much closer to my personal style and choice of subject.

Image 1 - by OMU


Technical details: Toyo 45CF, 150 mm Rodenstock Sironar-N. Fomapan 100 in Xtol(Replenished) and a long cable riles and some patience.

"I was indeed inspired of your image and have had several ideas where the story should go.

I settled with the tree. It's winter and soon it will be Christmas. It's time to start feeding the birds.
Picture is taken in our garden where my wife feeds the birds during the whole year."

Image 2 - by andreios


Technical details: Sinar Norma on 13x18cm Adox CHS 100 (old one) film, developed in Moersch Tanol. The print is a lith print on a precious sheet of old Forte Polywarmtone paper.

"As I said, the weather wasn't playing part so I had to abandon few maybe more interesting ideas and had to do it in the garden and without much light... My first clue was visual - the emptied cone reminded me of the bird-feeder, but when I was looking at the groundglass and then later rocking the print in the developer (for some 15 minutes) I have come up with many more connections - most importantly the cone is indeed a feeder - and most of it has indeed been eaten already..."

Image 3 - by jb7


Technical details: Arca Swiss F-Line, Super Angulon 72mm, daylight, 90 seconds f/11, Polaroid T55, negative scan.

"I've just noticed that Andreios in in Czechoslovakia, so maybe I got it wrong- the problem with whispering I suppose-
ok, the narrative- taken from the subject, and nothing else-

The Bristlecone Pine, more ancient than the Great Pyramids of Giza, is found in the Rockies in the United States of America."

29-Jan-2015, 06:36
Image 4 - by NiNo


Technical details: Russian lens Industar-51 210/4.5, 5x7 Kodak mxg x-ray film developed in rodinal 1:100 and contact printed on foma rc glossy paper. Scan from print on epson v500.

"Inspiration for was for me the empty glass with brush in. I wanted to make another one shot with another idea, but I hadn't enough time for. And this shot was made on the same date I received the picture from you"

Image 5 - by Amfooty


Technical details: Lensless Camera Mfg Co 50mm Pinhole, 10 min exposure, Arista EDU 100, Sprint Systems

"This was my 5th pinhole image ever--it was a shot in the dark after the first 4 weren't exactly usable. I was actually standing under the arch, but didn't stand still enough for it to show up well. As far as a response to NiNo's picture, I saw the arch as similar in shape to the subject in their picture."

Image 6 - by SergeiR


Technical details: 8x10 xray Kodak CSG, 300mm convertible Symmar, Deardorff. 1:140 Adonal, rotary 10m

"What i see in image is empty streets and archway. Every denizen of the city is gone. So where would they gone? What is the most populated and then disappearing association in human mind? Forest and leaves.. They all gone and hid somewhere, inside something that resembles archway."

Image 7 - by Randy Moe


Technical details: I shot 12 pieces of 4X5 X-Ray until I was close to what I wanted. This was shot on 4X5 TMAX 100, 210 mm Calter II-N lens with Horseman L camera.

"As soon as I saw Sergei's image I knew I wanted to pull leaf out of his dark, wet, pit and present leaf as revered art object, worthy of close examination as it turns to dust and feeds another life cycle."

29-Jan-2015, 06:36
Image 8 - by Jeff Dexheimer


"I was inspired by the life giving nature of the leaf from Randy's Image. I chose a cedar branch because where I live cedar trees are native and abundant. "

Image 9 - by kabbott


Technical details: My image was created on TMAX 400 4x5 film with a Crown Graphic and a Nikon 90mm SW f/8 lens at f/8. This was one of the first times that I've made an image at such close proximity as to need to consider the bellows factor. Getting to learn about the bellows factor was fun! I developed the negative in Perceptol 1:3 and then scanned the negative with my Epson V700.

"I was inspired to make this image after feeling very cold from seeing Jeff's image! To me, my image continues the story of Jeff's image by taking some time to go back inside and warm up with some nice cinnamon spiced cider. I also really enjoyed the side lighting in Jeff's image and so worked to incorporate similar lighting in my image as well. The cinnamon sticks are also meant to be a nod to the tree branches in Jeff's image."

Image 10 - by ndg


Technical details: 8x10 Kodak Ektascan (Xray) film, B&L 400 mm Tessar @f32 for 2 min, natural light, Rodinal 1:100 for 6.5 min in the Jobo system, Epson V700

"I was inspired by the lighting and theme of the previous image.
The more I thought of it, the more I wanted to do a food-based theme.
My initial setup had the theme “Tea time”, to build on the previous image.
I unfortunately knocked the table over on which I had the setup and broke the teapot and several cups (wife totally mad!).
I had to go to plan B which was the Picnic set-up."

There was supposed to be one more image, but that wasn't finished in time. If you do have it ready, please still post it in a reaction.

29-Jan-2015, 07:54
thank you all so very much! i have realy enjoyed looking all pics and thank you, Jewan for a nice one game!

29-Jan-2015, 08:17
Fascinating to look through the chain and see what connections were made. The project must have been a fun and thought-provoking challenge and I hope I can participate in the next one!

29-Jan-2015, 08:19
Very interesting to see the progression. Good job everyone! Jewan, thanks for initiating this. We should do it again.

Peter Lewin
29-Jan-2015, 08:20
Wow! Consistently high standard set by every single participant. This is a series I will have to come back to several more times.

Randy Moe
29-Jan-2015, 08:21
Yes, it is interesting. I first viewed it in bed on a phone, then just now on a good monitor, which really shows the images better.

Great project!

Thank you Jewan!

29-Jan-2015, 08:55
It was a nice project and I hope it will happen again. Next time I would like to participate though. It is fun to see the images coming in every week, but I did miss taking part. So if there is anybody up for organizing a next one, I hope I can participate.

29-Jan-2015, 08:59
That was fun ;) Thanks for putting it together :)

29-Jan-2015, 09:42
Well done, everybody!
Next chain should be a mad rush, all photos in 24 hours!

29-Jan-2015, 11:44
Wow, what a great idea and unique perspective. Really enjoyed this thread and kudos to all that contributed!


Bill Burk
29-Jan-2015, 18:29
Well done everyone! What a tremendous idea. This will rank in my mind as the most significant new show of photography of the year. It will be hard to top!

30-Jan-2015, 05:45
Very good, was great to finally get to see all the pictures, then to study the links between them-

very enjoyable, thanks Jewan, for putting it all together...

30-Jan-2015, 22:15
That turned out really well! It was interesting to look through the images since we all took different paths. Thanks for organizing the whole thing Jewan!

30-Jan-2015, 22:38
The narrative you guys came up with was cool as well--I wish I had given that a bit more thought when it was my turn.

Jeff Dexheimer
30-Jan-2015, 22:58
I enjoyed it as well. Thanks for putting it together and thanks to all the participants!

27-Aug-2015, 08:54
Wouldn't it be fun to do this again this fall?

Preferably with another organiser though. Mostly because I would like to participate in the chain this time, but also because I don't think I can be available for 3 continuous months this fall/winter. Anyone willing to take it on? I still have all the rules and messages I send out, so it shouldn't really take up much time. It cost me about half an hour every week corresponding with everyone and really had a good time. Plus as organiser you can make up the rules and take the first photo to start the chain.

27-Aug-2015, 11:58
I wouldn't be able to organize it, but would love to participate again