View Full Version : Project Reprint my Dad's negatives

27-Jan-2015, 11:51
Still cleaning out boxes from my parents estate I found an envelope of negatives and 3x3 prints my father shot around 1965-1967 in Appalachacola FL. I have pencil drawings of the some of the image subjects so I am guessing he used them to gather ideas. I am thinking of enlarging these as a project.

The film is 120 and 127 B&W safety film.
Is there anything I need to be aware of regarding care of the negatives? I don't want them to go up in flames or melt under my antique enlarger.

Richard Wasserman
27-Jan-2015, 12:02
You'll be fine. Flammable nitrate film stopped being made in the 1940s. Film from the '60s is not much different than what is made today. I recently found negatives of photos my father took of my mother before they were married that were taken in about 1943 and they are in surprisingly good condition.

27-Jan-2015, 12:08
...my antique enlarger.

If you still live in the USA, modern enlargers can be found for not much money. Though I can't imagine any medium format enlarger with enough heat to damage negatives.