View Full Version : Looking for ColorQuartet 4.x for os 9.x

19-Jan-2015, 07:26

Anyone happen to know where i could download ColorQuartet 4.x for OS 9.2? Or could send it to me?

I tried the latest version (from abc-scan.com), but it does not seem to recognize my scanner. I assume it needs the latest firmware, but have no idea where to find that & how to actually update the firmware.

So i'm hoping i could at least test it on older software. The scanner is Scanmate 5000.

Color Trio for OS 9.2 would also do the trick.

19-Jan-2015, 11:34
Ok, no more needed. Got it working on my Win7x64... it asked for a new firmware, and i had it... and then it just works! Awesome.

Dunno why it did not work on G3 / Os 9.2... but this is much better, as i don't need no extra computers.

Just for people who are strugling whit same issue, i put up the latest firmwares... well, at least the firmwares i got my ScanMate 5000 to work on Win7x64 & ColorQuartet 5.2.2


ColorQuartet 5.2.2:


Pali K
8-Apr-2015, 16:21
Hi Aleksi, What SCSI card are you using on Windows 7?