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18-Jan-2015, 18:04
Hi guys, a little while ago for Christmas I was able to find a connection in Japan to sell me some of my very favorite film in 8 x 10 sizes, I received a bunch of messages from people asking if I would essentially buy some more and sell it to them in the United States.

I'm not a retailer and I'm not a shop of any kind, I'm a person, and I was a little hesitant to do this kind of thing however I think for the good of the film community and to keep this film alive which I very much believe in, I would like to help share this film with others.

I believe in being transparent, so I will tell you that I am taking a small profit from the sale of this film, however most of it will end up being spent on more boxes for myself, so I won't exactly be pocketing the money but I will be able to use more of the film. I also had to do this simply to cover my butt, essentially I wanted to make sure there was enough buffer in the price that I wouldn't get screwed because of changes in the yen. Unfortunately the person I am purchasing from will except only money in yen, so I must convert it and depending on the price of the day this can fluctuate of course.

All that being said, I first want to say that prices subject to change and purchases can be canceled at any time for any reason with a full refund if the film cannot be gotten to you.

I am basically going to leave the price as is so long as the end doesn't shift up or down to such a degree that it becomes prohibitive for me to sell it at that price, at which time I will of course adjust the price accordingly.

After I crunched the numbers, and looked at the prices of them being sold on eBay from Japan directly, I decided that these prices were fair and just slightly under the current eBay prices that I could find.

I'm going to have a minimum order of five boxes for any given size. This is mostly due to the complications in shipping less film. That being said, you can mix and match the 8x10 stuff as 5 of those are the same shipping no matter which you get, but I won't mix and match 4x5 and 8x10.

So here goes...

5 boxes 4x5 Velvia50 $500 ($100/box)
5 boxes 8x10 Velvia50 $1,600 ($320/box)
5 boxes 8x10 Acros100 $850 ($170/box)

Please add $10 in addition to the price for shipping CONUS. Sorry for international people I'm not really great with figuring out shipping and it's probably best to just order on eBay.

I have to pay my contact in Japan through paypal so to keep it simple you'll have to pay me through paypal, and please send it as a gift as I didn't add in paypal fee's as part of the equation or find a way to cover the paypal fees on your end. Yes this is a risk, but I assure you, I'm not about to rip anyone off, I'm trying to help the community and it's a lot of work to do all this and I'm not really making much.

My last order took 2 weeks for my guy to get the film from fuji and 2 weeks to get it to me, so expect a wait time of 4-5 weeks for delivery, if this becomes a more common thing I may keep a stockpile and waiting time would be less but I doubt it.

This is fresh stock, the expiry dates on the film I go for Christmas was in the 2016 area. So yes it's still being made despite rumors to the contrary.



Please PM me for my paypal address when you are ready to order. Sure you can go in with other people but I don't want to coordinate small shipping batches so it's 5 at a time, sorry, it would just get too complicated otherwise and I don't want to screw anything up for anyone as I've never done this sort of thing before.

Please keep comments to purchasing and please only comment if you're actually serious about buying.

Moderators if this is in the wrong area please move it to the correct place, I've never done this before and I've no idea if there's a section that's better suited for this. If this is sticky worthy please feel free to do so as well.

Paul Cunningham
18-Jan-2015, 19:31
A friend in Japan just sent me some Velvia 50 4x5, or I would be tempted by this deal. Good way to keep it in the family.

20-Jan-2015, 18:13
Whoot!! First two orders for 8x10 Velvia50 and 8x10 Acros100 just sent! Man seeing money in the 100,000 price tag freaks me out! good thing it's yen and not us dollars! haha.

Anyway, there've been a lot of requests for under 5 boxes at a time, so what I think I'm going to do is try and "pair up" people who want less than 5 boxes, once I can find a total of 5 I can make an order, just know that each person will have to add $10 to the shipping cost since I'll be shipping out different boxes to different people.

I also created a spreadsheet to help me with this, man this is more work than I thought with all the communicating but at least it gets a flow of Velvia50 into the US again :)

Anyway, if you were thinking of doing less than 5 boxes, just contact me and I'll try and match people up, but please.... it will certainly be easier if people want 2 and 3 boxes because trying to pair up 5 people for 1 box each is a little heady.

That's all for now.

20-Jan-2015, 18:20
Thanks for doing this. Best Angus

20-Jan-2015, 18:22
how many sheets per box?

20-Jan-2015, 18:25
how many sheets per box?

20 sheets per box, you can see the sheet count in the pictures of the boxes in the OP. The boxes seem much thicker than the Ilford 8x10 25 sheet boxes for some reason, but for fuji it's20 sheets. Thanks.

27-Jan-2015, 13:36
First shipment is in transit from Japan and should be here soon! Whoot!

27-Jan-2015, 15:32
First shipment is in transit from Japan and should be here soon! Whoot!

Great. Can't wait.

6-Feb-2015, 11:56
What do we have here?


6-Feb-2015, 11:57
Oh my! So many 8x10 boxes!


First two orders complete! Who's next!?

Will ship them out tomorrow folks! :)

Ken Lee
6-Feb-2015, 16:39
I've moved this to the New Products forum, a "place for announcements of a commercial nature related to large format photography".

We support you in your effort to make LF supplies more readily available.

Please contact the seller to make purchases.

8-Feb-2015, 01:40
Thanks Ken, I wasn't sure where this should go, glad it's in the right place now.

Just to ease others minds, I'm not buying this wholesale, I'm buying it retail, and as an example, this first order of 5 boxes of 8x10 with a total purchase cost of over $1,000 U.S. dollars had a final total monetary "profit" to me of a whopping $12.... Don't worry, this really isn't a business, just me trying to keep Velvia50 and Acros100 alive a little longer (mostly selfish for me so I can also purchase it longer as it might be produced longer if more people buy it).

PS not that my taxes are anyone else's business but my own, (I could certainly not charge sales takes and have to pay it on the back end if they bought and lived in CT) If I make enough to warrant paying taxes, my accountant will report it, he takes all my income and statements and does his magic, I don't hide anything from the gov, that would be dumb. I'm upfront and honest, if you have any other questions please contact me directly but don't assume things you don't actually know because as stated, that's an assumption, and we all know that idiom...

And as Ken suggests, please contact me directly for more orders, thanks!.

Ken Lee
8-Feb-2015, 15:26
Thread closed again. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the OP.