View Full Version : Ansel Adams Tickling the Ivories

Richard Wasserman
12-Jan-2015, 10:57
A film about Ansel Adams by Nancy Newhall with Mr. A. Adams at the piano. And don't worry they show his cameras and lenses....

William Whitaker
12-Jan-2015, 11:04
Where? Got a link?

Richard Wasserman
12-Jan-2015, 11:37
I thought I posted the link—sorry! It's Mike Johnston at TOP. http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2015/01/the-sound-of-ansel-adams.html

12-Jan-2015, 13:39
I notice that he describes Adams as PRE-visualizing the scene. :-)

Will S
12-Jan-2015, 16:31
That's just on youtube, not theonlinephotographer. At least, I've seen it before on there...