View Full Version : Anyone Using a DCS Pro Pack Plus?

Bob Harden
11-Jan-2015, 07:41
I've bought one for use with a 555ELD but what I'd like to do is use it on the view camera. Looking for options. What's your setup?

Bob Salomon
11-Jan-2015, 08:09
If your camera has a 45 Graflock back then the Linhof 001693 adapter will mount any Hasselblad V mount back to your view camera.

11-Jan-2015, 08:19
Never had that one, but have rented other DMF backs, with very limited success. I consider it no sensible approach, unless you rent it complete with a all-geared medium format view camera. It is near impossible to accurately adjust focus and movements in the tiny 38x38mm area of these backs when using a 4x5" view camera. I was caught between either using the camera as a very expensive fixed focus box, or iteratively adjusting it against test shots on the computer display (where things got slower than using a scan back).

12-Jan-2015, 08:45
Hi Bob...I used one of those on an 555ELD for years, and found a sliding-back adapter from China on eBay for about $350 to mount to my Sinar P2. Works great still today with a different back. Allows great shift-latitude for stitching, and other innovations.



Bob Harden
13-Jan-2015, 10:42
Thanks to all that responded, you helped me out.