View Full Version : JAZZ, CREO,KODAK Scanner Help Required

6-Jan-2015, 05:28

Looking at old threads it has inspired me to ask has anyone got a copy of Version for a Jazz scanner.

My G5 PPC 10.4.11 requires a replacement HD and I can no longer find my copy of my eversmart software for the new installation.

If I cannot find a copy the scanner is doomed.... One ray of light is a offer 3.1 running on OS 9.2. but to be honest I have no hardware or even remember how to navigate OS 9 but I put that down to being retired and getting rusty.

Any help would be appreciated to keep my hobby alive scanning family archive images.

Regards. Don

PS. I have been offered some newer version which are not compatible but if anyone has a need for a copy let me know offline.

UK based