View Full Version : Looking For Restoration & Repair Services for wooden 8X10 Camera

Ray Hunter
3-Jan-2015, 12:51
I have been given a vintage wooden 8X10 camera as a gift over the holidays. The previous owner indicated that the camera had been "restored" several years ago and had been in storage and unused. I am very grateful to have this vintage camera, a wonderful gift. Upon inspection, it appears that the bellows are good but the "restoration" of the wood was not done well-not the end of the world-and in storage some of the metal parts have developed surface rust (something I'd like to address before using the camera.) I would be interested in finding someone who would restore the camera, including possibly refinishing the wood and addressing issues with the gears, drives, and other metal parts. If I attempt this myself the camera will still be in parts in a box when they are burying me. I'm possibly average at the "taking apart" phase of this kind of project, but a miserable failure at the "putting it back" phase. Plenty of life experience that could be offered as proof.

I've already used the LF forum search engine and seen Richard Ritter's and S.K. Grimes' names. I sent Richard an email around Christmas but have not heard back from him (perhaps on vacation over the holidays) and wonder who else might be a good resource for this kind of work. I've used Glennview in the past, with good results, but am just trying to learn who is performing this kind of work currently and more, who would the readers of this experienced forum recommend? The camera is an older model Deardorff. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Bob Mann
3-Jan-2015, 13:45
You might try Richard's phone number, its on his web site, you may get a faster answer than by email -

David Karp
3-Jan-2015, 13:47
Call Richard Ritter. Others on the forum have reported that he lives in an area with spotty internet service.

Ray Hunter
3-Jan-2015, 15:49
Thank you.

Scott Davis
5-Jan-2015, 07:54
Deardorff is back in business - you might try calling them and see what they say about it. This is not to slight Richard in any way - he's amazing. I'm just offering an option.

5-Jan-2015, 09:35
We can help as well. We have restored many deardorffs in the past. You can PM me for more details.

Bruce Barlow
5-Jan-2015, 11:37
Richard usually goes to visit his folks over Christmas. And I agree that calling him is vastly preferable over email. He feels the same way.

6-Jan-2015, 06:21
Been out of town to come home to phone company on strike and the phone line getter worst along with poorer internet service. Add to this mother nature is throwing a temper tantrum. Snow ,freezing rain, rain and the below zero tempts, high winds and no power.
Thank god the library is hooked up to a fiber line for internet.

Ray email me again I went back and did not find an email from you.