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30-Dec-2014, 06:35
i have register to be a member of the forum for quite a while but just recently started on LF when a friend of mine generously lend me his Crown Graphic for a trial run, and with some luck got some expired film from another seller which let me experiment on the job flow of LF.
since then i got myself a speed graphic.

so with that i started on my LF journey. but i had a question, is there any thread or chatroom that trade is going on? am looking for some accessories such as grafmatic 4x5 film holder, crown graphic lens board etc. but not sure when can i post the thread, any heads up is greatly appreciate.


Tim Meisburger
30-Dec-2014, 06:44
You have to be a registered member for 30 days before you can see the For Sale section. After 30 days, if you cannot see it, contact the moderators and they can fix you up. The waiting period is to prevent spam.

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new Speed!

30-Dec-2014, 15:20
thanks so much Tim!!! now i know it. cheers