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28-Dec-2014, 09:00

I'm a passionate photographer living in the Netherlands.
Since the beginning of this year I picked up the film photography again.
Some 8 years ago I changed my film equipment for digital stuff, like many did.
But last year I decided to get back into the original techniques and faced much more fun again.
At the moment I still have a Mamiya RZ camera set but this one needs to leave the house to make some money free for a decent piece of LF equipment.
My darkroom is already equipped with an Omega D2 with variable condensors and lenses that can handle 4x5 inch.

I hope to get and fins advises here about buying equipment and tips and tricks on proper use.
I want to get a camera like Tachihara or Shen Hao. First of all I like the looks but also these are AFAIK fairly light and easy to take with you.
Any suggestions, pro's, con's, ect. on my choice?

Best regards


Peter De Smidt
28-Dec-2014, 09:45
Welcome, Hans. Another one to check out is Chamonix, http://www.chamonixviewcamera.com/. The Chamonix and Shen Hao are more recent designs than the Tachihara, and they are more rigid and less fiddly.

28-Dec-2014, 09:49
Thank you for the tip Peter. I Will have a closer look at it. These also look very nice!

Sirius Glass
28-Dec-2014, 20:08
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum

gary mulder
28-Dec-2014, 20:59
Hi Hans. I live close by.
On the for sale section there is a master tech in holland for sale for a nice price. If you are not jet able to see the for sale section and you are interested give me a PM.