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25-Dec-2014, 12:48
Hey all,
My name is Danny and I'm new to the site. Looks like a great community here and I'm looking forward to contribute to it.

I'm purchasing a new scanner and I'm having trouble finding the perfect one. I'm looking for a scanner that can produce up 12x18 photo scan that is preferably fast and has a dock that I can load in multiple photos at a time.

After some research this is what I've found....

Epson WorkForce DS-60000 Color Document Scanner
- This one seems fine but is a lot of money.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500
VisionerStrobe 500
both of these are more affordable but can't scan the 11x14 & 12x18's that I need.

If anyone has any input or suggestions on where to look it would be very much appreciated.

Larry Kellogg
26-Dec-2014, 07:42
Hello Danny,
We have another scanner thread going. I bought a used Epson 10000XL to scan 11x14 prints, not sure if 12x18 will work.

27-Dec-2014, 00:36
Mustek still makes an A3 Scanner.

Scan Area (Max.) 299 mm x 427 mm (11.8" x 16.8")

Fred L
27-Dec-2014, 10:54
+1 on the Epson 10000XL esp if you get it with the transparency unit. Just manages to scan 7x17 :)

28-Dec-2014, 12:32
thank you so much guys!