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24-Dec-2014, 04:54
I just wanted to say "Hi". I've been lurking around for a few weeks reading posts and enjoying looking at some of the amazing cameras, lenses and photographs that members have shared.

I have been taking photographs since the early 70's and transitioned to digital from film in the 90's. I have been teaching digital photography at The Virginia museum of Contemporary Art for a number of years.

Recently I have decided to explore film again and have acquired a Calumet 4"x5" monorail camera as well as an 8"x10" older model Arca Swiss monorail. It's been so long since I shot film. I have a lot to learn

I look forward to sharing my journey with you all.


Peter Lewin
24-Dec-2014, 07:50
Welcome! I have a soft spot for Virginia since one of my daughters went to William & Mary. I'm looking forward to seeing your work and comments, especially with your experience at both film and digital imagery, and in particular your association with the VCA (I hope that is the correct abbreviation). And perhaps it will be good for our egos to help "teach the teacher." :)

24-Dec-2014, 08:57

Welcome to the LFPF! Shooting LF film is a great diversion from digital - especially 8x10 :)

I'm up in Hampton. I passed by the museum a few years ago, but it was closed at the time. I'll have to try to make it down that way again.


John Kasaian
24-Dec-2014, 11:25
Welcome aboard! I spent some happy times at Ft Lee Virginia and enjoyed exploring Colonial Williamsburg & Virginia Beach. I hope to visit again soon.

24-Dec-2014, 11:52
Jackie, I'm up north of you in Arlington, but have enjoyed a couple day trips to Richmond in general and the museum in particular. Welcome aboard!

Scott Davis
24-Dec-2014, 13:11
Welcome from Washington DC. If you're ever organizing an event at the Museum, please do post it so folks here know about it - there's enough of us around who are willing to do a road trip for something like that. Or if you ever want to go out shooting and have an idea for something, we're sociable :)

John Bowen
24-Dec-2014, 13:47
Welcome from Midlothian. We need to get a larger area for Photography at the Museum.

24-Dec-2014, 13:49
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. It's nice to see some fellow Virginians.

Peter...they like to call it Virginia MOCA. :) I have been working on them over the years to get more photography related art work on exhibit.

I am hoping to combine some of my digital knowledge with my film shooting. I find that my students teach me as much as I teach them. :)

John Bowen
25-Dec-2014, 09:03
I see I'm not alone in initially thinking you were associated with the Virginia Museum in Richmond. I see the Virginia MOCA is actually located in the Hampton Roads area. My bad! Welcome, just the same.

Sirius Glass
25-Dec-2014, 10:37
Welcome to Large Format Photography
I stopped working in Virginia this May and have retired. Now I am busier working on photography than I was during my career.

On the list of must photographic places to visit in Virginia:

O. Link Winston Museum in Roanoke http://www.linkmuseum.org/
Camera Heritage Museum in Staunton http://www.linkmuseum.org/

christopher walrath
1-Jan-2015, 18:28
Just up the road in Delaware. Welcome to LFF, Jackie. I have the Calumet as well. Can't put it down. Arms are getting tired.