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20-Dec-2014, 07:24
Hello, everyone. I'm Chris and I'm in Nova Scotia. I've been a film photographer for over 40 years, using numerous 35mm SLRs and a pair of Leicas, along with MF in the guise of folders, rangefinders, a TLR, and SLRs. I'm in the strange position of being off work for several months while I undergo chemotherapy for CLL, so I've spent the last three months getting out (I feel generally OK, but have little immunity with low white counts, so I have to keep to myself) and burning up lots of film from my film freezer. Well, sitting around with little to do is a dangerous thing, and I have ended up buying a Crown Graphic with a Linhof 127mm lens and some film holders. I do my own processing and scanning (and I'm lucky enough to have a Flextight X1 so I can do 4x5 negatives some justice with it). When I'm allowed around people again I will probably want to do more portraiture, so I also have a 210mm lens on the way. I look forward to learning as I go along and I hope you'll forgive some basic questions that I ask as I do so!


John Kasaian
20-Dec-2014, 09:02
Welcome aboard Chris!
What sort of subjects do you shoot in isolation?

20-Dec-2014, 10:13
Welcome aboard Chris!
What sort of subjects do you shoot in isolation?

The TransCanada Trail borders my property, and it is a trail that goes right across the country from the east coast to the west, and most of it is disused railway line. I have a direct route to Newfoundland if I turn right, or to BC if I go the other way. I can walk along it and meet only one or two people per hour. Close to home most of them want to hug me, which involves some mixed feelings! I have photographed the fall colours and more beaver ponds than I ever imagined could exist so close to home! If MF images are allowed here:



So it has been pretty much all landscape since I have been told to keep away from people and their germs!


Alan Gales
20-Dec-2014, 20:57
Welcome to the forum, Chris. It looks like you live in a great place to shoot landscapes!

20-Dec-2014, 21:23
Welcome, Chris, and get well soon.

Tim Meisburger
20-Dec-2014, 21:53
Medium format is not allowed here (there is a special section for it, called "everything else", although its probably okay in the introductions. But what we really want to see is your new large format work, so get shooting!

All the best, Tim

31-Dec-2014, 14:31
Turned out the Crown Graphic had both arm hooks (that catch the sprung arms on the ground glass holder of the Graflok back) broken off. I figured out I could hold the ground glass part on with strong rubber bands and still slide a film holder in underneath it just as God and Graflex intended. So my very first LF exposure, on HP5+ @640, f16, 1/25, and developed in Diafine:


No artistic merit claimed, merely a proof of concept! No light leaks!


31-Dec-2014, 16:32
Looks like a pretty good concept there Chris. Welcome to the family of Crown users.

Sirius Glass
31-Dec-2014, 17:51
Welcome to Large Format Photography Forum. Large format offers unbounded ways to screw up a photograph. Feel free to try them out.

31-Dec-2014, 18:29
Based only on the three images shown here, it appears that you are an excellent photographer.
CLL Sucks! Good luck with it.

John Kasaian
1-Jan-2015, 00:43
You're in for a lot of fun---welcome aboard!