View Full Version : Moving up to PS 5 from PS3

18-Dec-2014, 14:36
I'm thinking of moving up to PS 5 from my current PS 3.Do I have to save any of my current files? What will happen to the photos I already have? I haven't done it yet just thinking about it.How much difference between PS 3 and PS 5?

bob carnie
18-Dec-2014, 15:05
I use PS 3 at work and PS 6 at home.. both are great for my workflow so I see no problem with going to 5... not sure I know what you mean by saving your current files... nothing will happen to them btw.

18-Dec-2014, 15:54
All of your photos should continue to be accessible from PS5. Your PS settings may need to be redone, but that's usually not a big deal. As far as how different PS3 and PS5 are - you'll see some interface changes and some new features (whether you'll need those new features is up to you), plus Camera Raw will probably open more raw file formats. The Adobe website probably has a list of the differences between the two.

18-Dec-2014, 17:10
Assuming you have a CS5 upgrade DVD installation disk, you have to have the product key for CS3. You do not have to have CS3 installed, the CS5 installer will ask for your CS3 key. If it's good, the install will proceed and ask for your new CS5 key.

If you don't have an installation source (disc or download) for CS5, this could be a problem. Adobe no longer sells them, so you'd have to find a reputable source for a disc or download. There's a ton of pirated Adobe products out there, and some contain malware--Be Very Careful!

Honestly, you would be better off at this juncture to get a subscription to Photo Shop CC (https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop.html)(Creative Cloud). Adobe has a special bundle for photographers that includes Photo Shop CC and Lightroom 5 for an Annual Subscription @ $9.95month. PS-CC has lots of new features, is patched regularly, and has the latest version of ACR that includes the latest digital cameras.

I am using CS6, which does what I need it do, so far. If push comes to shove, I'll get the bundle I mentioned above.


20-Dec-2014, 09:52
I'm not sure about PS, but LR3 catalogs are not compatible with LR5. LR5 will update LR3 catalogs and they will no longer work on LR3. could cause some issues when working with multiple systems?