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17-Dec-2014, 20:22
I have the page setup the same as prior prints which printed properly. I had this happen a couple weeks ago and changed something which resulted in correct results. I'm using abs mode and 17x22 paper cut off a roll (flattened Canson Platine fiver rag) using rear manual feed and/or standard feed with the paper "pre-fed"* to the heads. What setting is causing this?

It's printing the image (8x20 file in this case) rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise and in the middle of the paper. The sharpie marks show where it should be printing.

*i dunno what the terms are but I have had a 1121 error several times that makes an aweful sound and says to call service. I then shut off the printer, turn it on again and feed the paper out of the machine. 126811

18-Dec-2014, 07:08
And yes, this has occurred when printing a 16x20 image as well. I get about an 8x8 section of the image printed.

Ken Lee
18-Dec-2014, 07:34
If the paper is not fed absolutely straight, the printer misjudges the paper size and prints accordingly. For that reason I always hold the paper, one sheet at a time, and push it in straight, gently. I have never been able to use the rear feed approach.

I have ruined many large expensive sheets of paper this way too :(

Print quality aside, my Epson 3880 printer has been a disappointment for this and other reasons. Others here have recommended other newer models which have a better loading mechanism that doesn't use rollers.

18-Dec-2014, 07:44
I have a HP T1300 at my disposal. I see this issue when the page size and orientation in the software do not match the page size and orientation on the printer. Despite what the software page size is set to, the proper page size for the printer must be set by using the printer properties for your printer. For most of my software this is done in the software print dialogue where there should be a "printer properties" button.

18-Dec-2014, 08:31
Looks like i had re-entered the paper size as 17x22 with it as 22" wide, not 17 wide.
I didn't realize 17x22 was in the preset size selections.
The whole epson printer dialog/setup isn't very intuitive and I hate the way it resets everything when you change a selection.

18-Dec-2014, 09:18
Yes, that irritation is not unique to Epson. I define my page sizes most of the time as a lot of maps I do are oddly sized. When I define the custom page HP will not let me have the length longer that the width (or is it the other way around). So I redefine the page and save but forget to reset all the other parameters most important of which is the rotation of the page on the pager. Confusing.