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17-Dec-2014, 15:21
When ever I make a drum scan of a 4x5 at 4000 dpi or higher I tend to get these banding lines. It doesn't appear on any of my scans at 2000 dpi. The first pic is a scan of a B&W film. I also noticed it on my Provia 4x5 scan @ 4064 dpi and it shows when I do a negative scan. I have included a couple of pictures do you have any idea of what it could be? I altered the picture of the provia scan with levels in photoshop to emphasize the lines in the scan.

Tyler Boley
17-Dec-2014, 15:31
It might help to know the hardware/software you are using, but at a glance problems like this I have had with a Howtek have generally been solved by cleaning the bulb pins and working the connector on and off the pins a few times, or actually replacing the bulb. It could also be dust or lint in the clear calibration area, but I'd bet it's the bulb or connection. At the worst it's been solved by opening the scanner and reseating the board connectors a few times, even using some of the old "tuner" cleaner from anyplace like radio shack

17-Dec-2014, 17:19
Hi, it's a ColorGetter 3 Pro I just had the Xenon bulb replaced. I am using ColorRight 5.2 software on a Mac G 3. I am reading the manual trying to figure out where the proper connections are. I just can't figure out why it would do it on the larger scans, they average 70-90 minutes. My room temp is only 62 f, I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

I believe my calibration area is the masking tape strip on the drum. One drum has a chrome looking tape strip on it. I did wipe the real tiny bulb with a kami wipe.

Tyler Boley
17-Dec-2014, 18:58
The calibration area for any transmissive scanning should be clear. I think there are some Colorgetter users here on this list and perhaps they will chime in. Also, be sure to join and post here-


It's the most knowledgable user base I've found for scanning help