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16-Dec-2014, 08:28
Hey everyone!

I know that this is a new scanner, but does anyone have any suggestions on setting up, and calibrating the correct height of the included 4x5 film holder? I know with the older V700, the holder wasn't the best and everyone tended to buy the "betterscanning" one. I see that Epson has made some improvements on the new included holder, so I would like to try and dial this one in before jumping ship. Is it worth the time setting this one up or should I just save myself a headache?

If there is a nice tutorial out there for the V700 that would work for the V800, I'm all ears.

Thanks guys!

16-Dec-2014, 09:42
I don't have the V800, nor the V700, but the by now antiquated (but still adequate) 4990. Finding the optimal plane of focus is pretty straightforward: scan a target that is spaced at regular, small intervals above the platen. For spacing, anything that is easily stackable and thin enough to provide sufficiently small increments can be used. I used thin bits of tightly pressed cardboard. If the film holders of the V800 are adjustable in height like the ones from betterscanning, then obviously that adjustment mechanism can be used.

Btw, I noted no difference in the range of ca. 1-3mm above the platen in my scan, suggesting that it would be of very limited use for me to invest in height-adjustable holders. Like they say, your mileage may vary.

Lachlan 717
16-Dec-2014, 11:56
Which film format? The V700/750 4x5 holder is actually pretty good, sans micro adjustment.

Andrew O'Neill
16-Dec-2014, 16:18
I've been quite happy with the 4x5 holder that came with the 750. I've never had to to any adjusting of height, even when wet mounting 8x10 negs directly on the scanner bed.

Michael W
16-Dec-2014, 16:44
The V700 film holders have holes for tabs underneath. You can adjust three heights by using 1: no tabs, 2: tab arrows pointing to + symbol, 3: arrows point to 0. If the 800 has this system it would be the first thing I would try.