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14-Dec-2014, 17:41
Hi All.
I am very interested in lean about large format photography with The intention of get in into it soon.

Thanks a lot for all the knowledge you are sharing here.

Sirius Glass
14-Dec-2014, 19:08
Welcome to Large Format Photography

14-Dec-2014, 19:08
Welcome. I think you will find all the knowledge and sharing you could wish for here. And that includes large format photography.


14-Dec-2014, 19:59
Welcome. Make sure to read the articles on the homepage and get Leslie Stoebel's View Camera Technique 7th Edition. Good places to start.

Scott Davis
14-Dec-2014, 20:54
Bienvenidos al foro!

Andrew O'Neill
17-Dec-2014, 22:07

John Kasaian
17-Dec-2014, 23:52
Welcome aboard!

Domingo A. Siliceo
18-Dec-2014, 07:47

19-Dec-2014, 21:43
The inhabitants are friendly and full of sound advise. Glad to have you aboard.

David Lobato
20-Dec-2014, 10:45
Glad to have you join.