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14-Dec-2014, 10:53
Hi guys,

I'm shooting street portraits with my medium format camera and started recently to do that with my new Linhof Technika.
I traveled a lot shooting analog film on the streets (here is my project page www.street-portraits.eu)
Somehow I wanted to try something new and borrowed a Linhof Technika from a friend. I felt in love from the first second and new I need to have one to shoot like that on the streets.
Lots of people thought it will be more complicated to shoot street portraits with that kind of camera, from my point of view it is not, it just takes a little more preparation.
Finding time to do that and finding people who take time is a nice goal. Slowing down in general is something I enjoy a lot this times.

Here is one of my large format street portraits:

http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8590/15725958440_6f45f0a414_z.jpg (https://www.flickr.com/photos/poolaroids/15725958440/)

I also did a making of, for my first street portrait shoot:

I came over to this website, because of the portrait lens test on the main page, I enjoyed it a lot and I'm looking forward to get a 150mm tessar(xenar) 4.5 :)


I'm looking forward next year to shoot wet plate too (first in my studio)

14-Dec-2014, 11:47
Great photo, and welocm to LFF Markus.

Regular Rod
14-Dec-2014, 13:49
A fine portrait. Are you using the camera hand-held or on a tripod?


14-Dec-2014, 13:56
Thanks Steve.

I use it on a tripod, people have to stand still :)

Peter Collins
14-Dec-2014, 14:38

Sirius Glass
14-Dec-2014, 19:10
Welcome to Large Format Photography

Regular Rod
15-Dec-2014, 03:56
Thanks Steve.

I use it on a tripod, people have to stand still :)

Very good. I'm sure that was why early portraits had such engaging eye contact. The people had to collaborate. Your people will be doing the same. Have you others where we can see the person's eyes?


15-Dec-2014, 04:46
Very good. I'm sure that was why early portraits had such engaging eye contact. The people had to collaborate. Your people will be doing the same. Have you others where we can see the person's eyes?


I'm shooting film on my Mamiya medium format and saw a huge change in the expression because of that. When I focus manual on that one it just takes time. With the large format it takes even more time and thats the moment when people slow down and start to relax (and maybe think). With the large format I have an advantage to the Mamiya, because I'm standing beside, I'm a better observer and have more time for the right moment to press the shutter button. I could even tell a joke to make them really smile
A friend told me, its like being painted, I really like his quote.

Here are two more:

http://www.street-portraits.eu/storage/cache/images/000/448/sp1,medium_large.1417251983.jpg (http://www.street-portraits.eu/albums/film-portraits/content/mehmet-naschmarkt/)

http://www.street-portraits.eu/storage/cache/images/000/447/k,medium_large.1416643149.jpg (http://www.street-portraits.eu/albums/film-portraits/content/the-architect//)

Because of the colors I shoot b&w in winter. This I did with a 210mm, the next ones will be with a 150mm.

Peter Lewin
15-Dec-2014, 08:22
Guten tag und wilkomen! (Now we've exhausted my German...) And I really like the second portrait in your last pair, the relaxation and naturalness makes it stand out.

15-Dec-2014, 09:07
Danke ;)

Thank you, I'm looking forward to do that kind of portraits with an 150mm 4.5 lens. I just love to shoot with my 80mm medium format lens (that covers about 50mm) and I want to have the same effect with my large format camera

15-Dec-2014, 09:44
Hallo und Willkommen!
Uncoated 4.5 150mm Tessar and Xenars can often be found very cheap on old 9x12 or 10x15cm plate cameras. Were the photographs taken at the Naschmarkt?

15-Dec-2014, 09:59
Danke ;)

Yes two of them at a crowded place at the Naschmarkt. Check my making of for pictures of doing that (Click the picture for more pictures and the blog article):

http://blog.markus-hofstaetter.at/wp-content/gallery/large_format_marking/IMG_3923.JPG (http://blog.markus-hofstaetter.at/2014/11/large-format-photography-and-street-portraits/)

Here another one from Naschmarkt (with a 65mm lens)

http://www.street-portraits.eu/storage/cache/images/000/449/PRA347810-2a,medium_large.1417347536.jpg (http://www.street-portraits.eu/albums/film-portraits/content/der-machatschek-lachen-schadet-nicht/)

This was kind of tough, lots of people were bumping into me. I really had to watch my stuff, but I just like it when I get people in the background.
Funny: I heard one of them saying, ah look at him, thats one of the fast shooting cameras where you get immediately the photo :)
And its kind of easier to talk into strangers with that camera than with my Mamiya.

Andrew O'Neill
15-Dec-2014, 12:56
Welcome! So you had no issues at all in a crowded place with a tripod? I would be to worried about getting in the way of people... but then again, I never shoot people! Nice work.

15-Dec-2014, 14:35
I just watched your video, amazing. just wow. How long does it take to finish one of them?

Thank you!!
I had two friends who assisted me, but o be honest, if I'm in "shooting mode", I don't see anybody else than my subject and my camera. I'm so focused that it's like I loose the feeling for everything else.
I felt people bumping into me, sometimes I was holding the tripod and refocusing, because there was a slight movement. But if you had asked me if it was a woman, man or child....I don't know.
It's like meditation for me

Andrew O'Neill
16-Dec-2014, 20:09
My carbon transfer video? Thank you! It takes hours to make one. A lot of prep work, making glop, tissue, sizing papers, then the actual making of the print which takes a few hours. Worth it though.
By looking at your excellent portraits, I can tell that you are not bothered. Good for you! I wish I could be more like that.