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30-Nov-2014, 15:10

I am new to scanning and I was able to get my scanner going via some help from Bruce Watson and others. I would like to know if I am scanning my transparencies correctly.

1. The example scan you see below is I loaded it up with the software and minor adjustments, saved as TIFF and then transferred my files to my other computer to process in PS.

Before I scan the transparency after I do a Preview and minor adjustments, I go into Scan Geometry and I set the lpi to 320 and change the size of the scan.
I then press calculate and the software recommends the aperature size ex #26. You can see this in the picture below. I then save as a TIFF. I make sure I set my Filetype as TIFF/RGB as shown in the picture.

Before I start to scan I go to the ColorGetter PRo 3 Machine and change the aperature setting to # 26 to match what the software recommended after I pressed the Calculate button.
Is this correct or am I supposed to not touch the machine to change the aperture setting?

2. I scanned another file and I noted that the software recommend an aperture setting of 50u at 22. I read that the smaller the aperture the better. So I did do a setting of 6.25 and then went to emulsion down-0.0000-0.0001. Is this a better way of scanning a transparency? I am having a hard time figuring out these different numbers. I think it would take forever to figure out the best setting.

3. When I am finished scanning an image and I saved it as a TIFF, like shown in the pictures, I try to open them up in PS on my other computer and it can't recognize the files. GIMP is the only software that recognizes them. Is there another way I should be saving the files?
4. After my first image is scanned I go to scan my second one. Sometimes I have to change the size of the scan box. I hold down the ctrl key and a cross comes up. I then drag the cross from corner of frame to the other corner to get the whole picture in for scanning. What happens is the box goes back to the same size I used to scan the previous image. Do you know how I can correct this without rebooting my Apple?