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30-Nov-2014, 14:40

My name is Steve Giesel and I'm a film photographer. I currently live in Columbia, MO, but grew up in Colorado and spent a large portion of the '70's in Montana. My love affair with film started as a pre-teen (I think) when my dad bought me my first camera, a Kodak Brownie Starmite. I studied film in college in Montana, developing a an intense love of film as an expressive medium.

For those of you who make your living with photography, I admire your tenacity. I learned early on in college that I didn't want to depend on it for my daily bread, I would have come to hate it and I didn't want that. The commercial side of the medium just didn't appeal to me and I just wasn't that good at product or portraiture.

Between limited funds and time over the years my production has been sporadic so I don't have the body of work at my age (62) I could have. But that's ok, life has changed and I'm diving back in to the B&W work I love. I have a small Pentax system, Spotmatic with a few lenses, a Mamiya C330 w/5 lenses, and a Crown Graphic w/a 5" Ektar. Plus some more I've recently acquired.

This brings me to my screen name. Yes the <p> is not in Scheimpflug, I missed including it when I first joined the f/295 pinhole forum and continued with APUG and LFF--just to keep things consistent. Imagine my consternation when first trying to log back in here and couldn't. The <m> had became an <n> when creating the profile, oh well. Needless to say, with that and a Crown as my present 4x5...

There ain't no 'pflug-'n' going on here!

The best way to get inspiration is to view examples of good photography, and there is certainly an abundance of that on this site. I'm looking forward to a fruitful association here, thank you.


DG 3313
30-Nov-2014, 19:55
Hello Steve from MO and welcome. I have only been a member for a few months but, am in awe by much of the work and information sharing many of the LFF members post.



Leszek Vogt
30-Nov-2014, 20:45
Welcome to LFF, Steve. I'm with you about the passion thing.


Alan Gales
30-Nov-2014, 21:51
Welcome to the forum, Steve. There are a few of us who live in Missouri. I think you will enjoy being a member here.

30-Nov-2014, 21:59
Welcome from the Springfield. Mo region.

1-Dec-2014, 15:47
Hi Steve and welcome,
Since some days I'm looking a bit around for my first LF camera.
I have seen many Graflex Crown on Ebay in the USA...but shipping to
Switzerland is to expensive.

Nodda Duma
1-Dec-2014, 16:14
Hi Steve,

I grew up in the Ozarks and went to college at Rolla. Been thru Columbia a few times... Pretty country up there.

2-Dec-2014, 11:59
Thanks everyone. Nodda, having moved here from the Western US, the amount of green everywhere was one of those things that caught our attention. Along with the relatively flat landscape. It was a little claustrophobic at first.

Andrew O'Neill
2-Dec-2014, 13:41
Welcome, Steve! My first medium format camera was a C330, with a couple of lenses, in the early 90's. My wife's uncle in Japan has it. Last I heard it's been sitting on a shelf (he went digital), so I might have to take it off of his hands.