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23-Nov-2014, 19:31
Here are a list of photography related books that can be found and download from the Internet. Some of us found valuable information in these old books. Some have been shared in the different threads previously but let collate a list of them. pls add to the list

1. Photography in the Studio and in the Field, by E. M. Estabrooke (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/42982/42982-h/42982-h.htm)

2. The book of photography; practical, theoretical and applied (https://archive.org/details/bookofphotograph00hasl) by Hasluck, Paul N. ; Hands, Arthur

3. The silver sunbeam : a practical and theoretical text-book on sun drawing and photographic printing (https://archive.org/details/silversunbeampra00towl_0) by Towler, John

4. Wilson's quarter century in photography. A collection of hints on practical photography which form a complete text-book of the art (1887) (https://archive.org/details/wilsonsquarterc00wilsgoog)

5. Photographic cameras and accessories : comprising how to make cameras, dark slides, shutters, and stand ; with numerous engravings and diagrams (https://archive.org/details/photographiccame00hasluoft) by Hasluck, Paul Nooncree

Randy Moe
23-Nov-2014, 19:37
Thanks pound.

I always find old photo books very useful.

23-Nov-2014, 21:35
thanks Randy for encouraging me to post this thread.

Randy Moe
23-Nov-2014, 21:59
thanks Randy for encouraging me to post this thread.

Especially since they are free, meaning out of copyright and published online for public use. A concept unheard of only 30 years ago.

All these are very readable and have great basic principles that we will all need as we reinvent historical processes.

I mean, we have another thread where a fellow is proposing to design and make affordable low production LF lenses. That was simply not done in the recent past.

Others are teaching how to make emulsions and create DIY film, dry plates, papers.

We are gaining the ability to continue historical processes for some time to come.

Thank you!